Sunday, January 1, 2012

Let's try something different

I don't see my wife and myself following the same New Year's Day tradition today.

No black-eyed peas. No collard greens. No pork or sauerkraut or any of the other edible good-luck tokens that I attempted in previous years. I think whatever good luck I might have owned in the past has run out and it's time for a different approach.

I mean, look at last year. We drank champagne at midnight, we ate the traditional meal the next day, and what did it get us? In March, I discovered my heart is in unconverted atrial fibrilation and spent my first night ever in the hospital. In September, my wife's job was eliminated after 31 years. In November, my wife's father died.

There were smaller disasters to accompany this: I had two separate $1,000 car repair bills last year, and a backed up commode indicates we might soon need a new pipe connection to the city sewer line. I never could lose the weight I promised myself that I would. The Phillies never even got to the World Series, much less win it.

In other words, 2011 was horrible for us as new year's go. Or any year, for that matter. So, yes, I suppose we've become a little bit jaded and cynical.

I'm not usually one for superstitions, but when a traditional day like New Year's comes around, I'll usually join in if for no other reason than why buck the system? I mean, what if they're right after all, you know?

But nobody's been right lately so I figure it's time for a change.

I'm thinking why make resolutions that are impossible to keep, based on the uncomfort food you eat on one day of the year? If it's not working anyway, you might as well eat what you like.

So, today I'm eating chocolate and it might start with breakfast. It may not bring good luck, but it certainly makes me feel good. So does alcohol. There might be a beer or two in my immediate future. I like steak, so why do I need to eat pork? But if I must eat pork, I'm betting it'll look a whole lot like a hot dog. Or a barbecue sandwich. Plus, there will be no sauerkraut unless it's in a reuben. But there might be some pizza.

There might be more chocolate for dessert.

So this is me, going out on a limb and bucking the system. A rabble rouser. Daredevil. Watch out.

Oh, yeah. Happy New Year. I hope you're lucky.

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