Sunday, January 27, 2013

The TV generation

About a month ago, a salesman from Time Warner came to our house and tried to convince me to drop Windstream and sign up with TWC.

No, it's not The Weather Channel. It's Time Warner Cable.

It took me all of about five seconds to decide, even though he spent nearly two hours at our house explaining the benefits of switching over. I guess the other hour and 59 minutes and 55 seconds were me just being polite to a guy trying to make a living while he's sitting on my living room sofa.

He had me when he told me that I'd get about a bazillion new channels for the price I was paying for my current Windstream bill. This also included the triple play of digital telephone and Internet to go along with the cable service. Plus, because this was part of a new customer sign-up campaign, I'd qualify for $150 gift card to Best Buy, which means I can finally get that Kindle HD for which I've been lusting after in just a few more months.

Anyway, I love television. I freely admit that, despite the fact that there's a lot of stuff on the tube that's absolutely worthless. Hey, I'm a child of the '50s. Television and I grew up together. When my time on Earth ends, I'm pretty sure I'll expire in front of a TV. I just hope it's not in the middle of something that's going to be continued next week. That would hack me off.

Right now, I'm inundated with premium movie channels: HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, The Movie Channel, Starz, not to mention a passel of sports channels, news channels, a couple of history channels and, OMG, the Military Channel. I love the Military Channel, especially since I'm a Civil War and World War II buff. Because of my buffness, I know where places like Cold Harbor, the Coaling, Missionary Ridge, Coral Sea, Rabul, Port Moresby, Sainte Mere Eglise and Pointe du Hoc are located. I'm a wealth of pointless geographical information ranging anywhere from 65 to 150 years past relevance. But when those places jump out of the history book and show up on TV, I can say, "I know where that is." I've actually been to a few of them.

 But the key here has been the movie channels, and the nifty DVR thingy that lets me get flicks on demand, pause them, rewind them, record them. I have nearly as much fun with my remote control now than I do playing golf, and that's saying something.

I've been on a serious movie blitz the past month. Part of that is me trying to keep up with the Oscars, and who's been nominated for what. So recently we've seen "Lincoln" and "Silver Linings Playbook" on the big screen. "Argo" is next, I think.

But thanks to TWC, I've seen "The Descendants", "The Help", "Bridesmaids" and one or two others in the past couple weeks that have really surprised me. "The Help", in fact, inspired me to check out the book from the public library (I don't get my Kindle until after March). I'm reading it now. Author Kathryn Stockett may not be Harper Lee, but she can still spin a riveting tale.

At any rate, it's been like date night at our house lately. Kim now asks me, with some expectation, which movie are we watching tonight.

I just hope she doesn't mind watching "That Thing You Do!", Tom Hanks' delightful tribute to the music of the '60s with its catchy Beatle-esque title song, for the 33rd time in 10 weeks.

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  1. Don't get so wrapped up in the TV you forget to work on your golf game. :)