Sunday, May 5, 2013

Weather, or not

There it is, right there on my computer's weather app:

The icon showing rain for today. Rain for tomorrow. Rain for Tuesday.

Plus, the additional information that it will be 58 degrees today, 64 degrees on Monday, 66 degrees on Tuesday. Uncommonly cold for May. And uncommonly wet.

I'm a little weary of this (as I'm sure we all are), since it seems like that's been the weather forecast for the past month or so. Rain. Cold. Windy.

And here we are, in the first week of May, still waiting for spring to arrive. Still waiting for baseball weather a month after the season opener.

I know, I know. I sound a whole lot like I'm complaining when really I'm just commenting on the state of the weather map. I usually look forward to my weekends because that's when I plan to get a lot of my yard work done. Kim and I spent the past few days dodging raindrops while pulling weeds from our garden in preparation for the mulch we plan to throw down.

But we haven't gotten our load of mulch yet because if we do, it's liable to wash away into somebody elses's yard.

That's only a slight exaggeration.

In the meantime, the weeds keep coming back. You know. Because of all the rain. And I can't go out to pull them because, well, it's raining.

Meanwhile, the furnace keeps cutting on. I'm still wearing my Under Armour. I haven't put away our space heaters yet.

I think I'm probably a prime example of be careful what you wish for. My weather icon predicts the rest of the week after Tuesday to be sunny and in the 80s, no doubt with the temperature rising day by day.

Too hot, no doubt,  to work in the garden.

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