Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year cheer

The New Year for us arrived wrapped in cream cheese dip, with some pretzel thins, lite beer and cheap champagne.

Oh, yeah. And with a boatload of our friends.

I think that's the way you're supposed to do it. We didn't get to see the crystal ball drop on Times Square, mostly because we didn't have the TV turned to ABC (which I think stands for the American Bandstand Channel). I kinda hated we missed that tradition. But we did have party horns and party poppers, each with a half-life of about five minutes.

But that's OK, too. We did the countdown, and when midnight struck, so did we.

It's amazing to me how optimistic we get on New Year's. I guess it's because it's like discarding something worn and used up for a chance for something better. We do this every year, so you'd think we'd know how this works by now.

But I guess it's human nature to seek the higher ground.

I'm trying to keep my expectations within reason because resolutions are mostly useless: Stay reasonably healthy. Make a few more improvements on the house. Read more books. Sleep more. Eat less.

Yeah, that sounds like a plan. I'll drink to that. Where's the cheap champagne?

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