Monday, May 20, 2019

Game of Groans

Any Game of Thrones fans out there? (Dumb question)

Disappointed with the series finale Sunday night? (Ummm, maybe)

Feel like you wasted eight years of your life? (Lucky me. I only wasted the last four. Or five)

Actually, I wasn't too put off by the ending. I mean, surely there's got to be some kind of Freudian thinking (relatively speaking, I mean) behind Jon Snow assassinating his lover/aunt Daenerys Targaryen (isn't Targaryen an herb I put on my swordfish filet?). I guess I just don't know what it is yet.

Dany and Jon were caught in that endless 30-second clinch and I breathlessly waited to see, between spoonfuls of ice cream, which one would fall to the floor first because I just knew one of them got the point. It was Dany. OK. But I knew Drogon, the last remaining flamethrowing dragon, wasn't going to be happy about it. What really surprised me was that Drogon didn't fry the guy.

Drogon, in his wisdom (the dragons always were smarter than anyone else, it seemed) melted the Iron Throne into a core element. That moment rendered absurdity to the entire raison d'etre of the last eight seasons. Snow stood face-to-face with a fired up Drogon and Snow never melted.

Which led to an interesting council between the surviving kingdoms. Samwell Tarley somehow became James Madison as he proposed one man, one vote democracy (a concept which was laughed off by the others). Bran Stark, bound to a wheelchair, more than resembled FDR as he was chosen king for life. Tyrian Lannister assumed the Winston Churchill role, trying to hold the coalition together. Arya was either Lewis or Clark as she sailed off to explore the world beyond Westeros.

What all this really means is that spinoffs are assured. Arya, a fiercely independent woman, could have her own show. Dany, stabbed in the heart, was carried off by Drogon, which probably means she could return in a different life. And Jon Snow, who did return from the dead, is seen marching from the ice wall (and from his exile) into a probable spinoff future.

So help us George R.R. Martin.

•   •   •

Another series that ended last week was The Big Bang Theory, wrapping things up after 12 seasons.

I really thought the show was very well written and very smart for a comedy. It had to be with all that dialogue about science and theory and astronomy and elemental tables and Bunsen burners and such. One of the actresses, Mayim Bialik (who played Amy Farrah Fowler) actually has a Ph.D in neuroscience in real life. Yikes. The show had no choice except to get it right.

But I always like the show's theme song, performed by the Barenaked Ladies. With lyrics that contain words like autotrophs and "Australopithecus would really have been sick of us," well, that's pretty darn good stuff.

So long, friends. See you on Me TV.

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