Thursday, February 10, 2011

Did I really say that?

In less than 48 hours I turn 60 years old.

Numbers don't lie.

Sooo, what hits me between the eyes right now is an email comment I made to a friend the other day, and upon which she commented on in her reply. I would like to comment on that.

I was discussing something with her that had me somewhat frustrated and I carelessly blurted out, via my keyboard, "Well, back in my day..."

Did I really say that? That is something my grandfather would have said. And he did, as I recall. Numerous times. I know I promised myself over and over that that was the kind of response that would never come from me. After all, I'm young, hip, with it, and cool (and no doubt dating myself right there by using those very ancient and tired adjectives). How could I have said that? It must be a human conditioned response located somewhere in our DNA. (In this case, in regards to aging, I can only guess that DNA must mean Do Not Acknowledge).

My friend, who is 50-ish, replied, "...I have caught myself saying the same thing as of late."

Another friend of mine, slightly older than me, emailed to me something about aging that sounded something like, "I'm too young to know better and too old to care." I think that's what she said. She emailed that a few days ago and I just...can'

Anyway, I need more friends like these two. Because of them, I'm starting to learn something else about numbers: there's safety in them.


  1. This blog is a great outlet for your natural compulsion,I'm talking about the one that tickles your desire to write. Bravo.
    On topic,..I'm surrounded by young teachers here at Head Start. Age ranging from 18 to early 30's.
    A candy store if I weren't age challenged. Windfall fall is..If you surround yourself with youth, especially young women it keeps me in the "whats happening loop" a loop that isn't around my neck but makes me feel alive at 55.(like the way that ryhmes)The exchange of daily chat-ups leaves me smiling.
    So, safety in numbers? Perhaps...but I'm cushioning my fall (56 to 57 ) with this enviroment.....until,"Hey! Pops!" lost?

  2. Please offer spell check on here...

  3. Bruce,

    Great job....but I'll admit, I haven't been able to read past the number "60." Everything else is a blur. Why? you ask..... Me too... September. ouch.

  4. Happy early birthday, friend...and happy early birthday to your sweet wife!